Monday, April 23, 2012

Andrea's Top 20

Top 5 things that I will not miss (from the United States)

1. Rated "R" commercials, that come on before dark
2. The News, which I can't watch around my kids, because it is inappropriate.
3. The price of gas
4. Taxes
5. The cost of medical and dental insurance and the price of prescriptions

The top 5 things that I will miss:

1. My family, friends and co-workers
2. My place of worship
3. Weather below 90 degrees
4. Rain
5. The green grass, trees and flowers

The top 5 things that I do not look forward to in Saudi Arabia:

1. Dust storms
2. Wearing the black abaya out in public, as mandated by the law
3. The constant 100 degree weather, with norms of 110 and lows in the 90's
4. Not having a place of worship, like here in the US
5. Still having to pay back my student loans

The top 5 things that I do look forward to in Saudi Arabia

1. My new job as Curriculum Specialist at the soon to be largest Kindergarten/Early Childhood School in the country
2. Great pay, tax-free!
3. Being able to travel to nearby countries, like Dubai and Egypt
4. Having a driver
5. Having a house maid

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