Thursday, August 23, 2012

Church in Jeddah | Sign of Coexistence

Ruins of an old 17th Century Dutch church. In conservative Saudi Arabia where no other religion but Islam can be openly practiced, there seem to be signs, such as the ruins, that it was not always this way in the Kingdom. One can hope and pray that coexistence and respect for other religion can come back to this part of the world. 


  1. Hi Andrea (and Sohail)! I know I haven't seen you and your family in years, even when you were in the States, but I just wanted to say hello! I love reading your blog posts and keeping up with your travels. These photos of the ruined church are just gorgeous...thanks for sharing! Thinking of you all!

    1. Thanks for the complement on the photos. We'll be visiting every year or so till than we can stay in touch with the help of social media.

  2. Hi Allison! Thanks for reading our blog and staying up to date with us. I am doing the same with you on FB. Your boys are growing up so fast! They are so cute!

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  4. I am from saudi arabia and id like to say to you THANK YOU!
    thank you for showing us this pics and telling us about it. I am sure as a "native" many of jeddah ppl don't have a clue about these churches. Im suprised by its existence, i know for sure than even before establishing saudi Arabia, there were not any christianise there in "Alhijaz" Area. I think their last existence was after the beginning of the islamic message by 300 years at least.
    However, i would like to know where exactly you found it, if you can't send the location by google maps it would be great, otherwise just tell me what is the name of the village where you found the church please.