Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Day!

Today, we had a family day at the beach. We arrived about an hour before sunset, where the kids played on a few of the playgrounds lined up in the sand. We saw some locals picnicking near the water. We then bought a kite from a lady who had a makeshift store laid on top of a blanket on the sand. As the sun began to set, the cotton candy vendors emerged and so we bought some (at a quarter a bag!). We ended the night by wasting money on some light up toys for the kids. Total cost-less than $10!


  1. Aaah i really miss my hometown Jeddah <3 , you've moved to my country and i've moved to your country :P

    1. Nawaf,
      Wow- we have switched places! I miss my country too. I'll take care of your and you take care of mine, ok? :)