Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Most Interesting and Fun Theme Park in Jeddah

Al-Shallal is the name of this theme park in Jeddah. I call this the "best" one, because all three of my children l-o-v-e-d it! With children, it is hard to find something for everyone to enjoy-especially since the youngest is 5 and the oldest is 10. It reminds me of a miniature Disney World-sort of. It is across from the beach on Corniche street (between Thalia and Sari Streets). The trees, flowers and grass made this place so nice to be at!

This is the indoor skating rink. It is the largest one I have seen in Jeddah. It is the size of the ice skating rink at the Galleria in Houston, Texas. Also, I saw women skating in their abaya's. I believe they were teenagers, as mostly older children and teenagers were skating.Behind the ice is the indoor mall section. It has clothing stores, cosmetics, tea shops and even a fresh flower stand! There were also tons of candy stores and kiosks as well as various eateries such as Papa Johns, Chinese food and coffee shops! There is also a Chinese Museum that shows how silk is made. A lady showed us the actual cocoon of a silk worm!

Here are the boys gearing up for a go-kart race on the outdoor track!

This is one of the shops inside the mall section. I took a picture of this particular store because it reminds me of Valentine's Day!

This is a track with cars and it was free. There are 5 free rides here! The entry fee to Al-Shallal is 25 SR per person.

For 30 SR for 15 minutes, you can take a boat in this pretty little lake. This is a view from our boat as we look onto the restaurant that is in this picture. All 5 of us were allowed to go into the boat, even though they told us it was just for 4.

A private room at the restaurant on the lake. We didn't eat here, but we want to next time!

It's hard to believe that all of these pictures come from the same place, right? This is the go-kart track. Beside it are the swings and a dropping tower type of ride. Basically, you go to the ticket booth, buy a plastic card and load money onto it. You swipe your card for each "carnival" type of ride-most of them costing around 15 SR.

Here is another restaurant. The flowers are just so lovely! This was taken in January, which is Jeddah's "spring" type season as the temperature is around 85-90 F in the day and 70 in the evening!

The airplane kiddy ride (another free one!)
It has an outdoor waterfall!

Here is my daughter dressed in the "afro" wig that she bought. Behind her is the REAL roller coaster. It goes backwards, forwards and upside down! It is the largest roller coaster in the Middle East, by the way! Also, if you look carefully, you can see the tea-cup ride, like at Disney World!

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  1. Hi! Is the ice skating only for boys and minors or can women ice skate as well?

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