Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a Small World After All!

One of my new co-workers told me that she was moving overseas. When I asked her where-she told me Saudi Arabia! "What?!" I said. "My family is moving to Saudi Arabia!" Then, it turns out that my co-worker, Delores, also lives in my neighborhood-3 houses down. What a small world, right? It also turns out that Delores' daughter is in my daughter's class. Well, they just got their VISA's and today was D's last day of work. Her realtor is also the same realtor that sold us our first home-9 years ago! Although we won't be in the same city-we will be in the same country, about 9 hours away. We are planning to visit each other when there. I am just a little jealous that her adventure is beginning before mine.

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