Saturday, March 10, 2012

Landing a Job in Jeddah!

I am in the process of accepting a job! Yeah! Here is the latest update. I have been offered the position of Curriculum Specialist and Teacher Trainer. Over Spring break (this coming week!) I am being sent to Denver, Colorado to the corporate headquarters, for training. It is a 5 day, all expense paid trip! I am so grateful to my parents for taking care of and entertaining my kids during that week. My sister will also be popping in, over to Denver, to visit. What a great "pre-bon voyage" time it will be!

All the kids passports are in, along with mine and now the VISA process will begin. The VISA's are our tickets to actually get into Saudi Arabia. Our plan for arriving in KSA (the kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is early to mid-June. The last day of my current teaching job contract is May 31st-and the last day of school for the kids. I am still loving my job now, but cannot wait to be rejoined with my handsome hunk of a husband. June is getting closer, though-yeah!

Here is a little more about what I will be doing.

I am so excited to be able to use all that I learned in my Master's degree program for Curriculum and Instruction! My chances of landing this type of position in Texas was very slim, as about half of the Specialist positions in my current school district, were eliminated in 2011. I am happy that I will not be completely out of the classroom. I will actually have the best of both worlds-teaching, training teachers and adapting the current curriculum for the company that has hired me.

*update* The school is under construction and may not open for at least one year. The process is slower here, for sure!

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