Sunday, October 21, 2012

No such thing as a boring city | Riyadh

Due to lack of entertainment options and very strict and conservative population of the city, Riyadh is considered one of the boring cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Well my trip to Riyadh made me realize one little fact about life. "Time spent with good friend is way more important than where it is spent"

Luckily I knew someone in Riyadh. An old friend I met in Troy, AL. The time was short but the two or three hours we spent together reminiscing was a lot better than any other activity we could have done. For me it was getting tough to find someone who is able to match my intellectual desire and talk about things that really mattered. 

Perhaps the lesson from my time spent with the friend was you can be anywhere in the world but as long as you have someone who can understand you and be on the same wavelength you are bound to enjoy those moments.  

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