Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Town Charm in Saudi Arabia!

We went on an adventure today to Al Balad, also known as "Old Jeddah." I was surprised to see that people still lived in the dilapidated buildings. For some reason though, Al Balad has such charm! Children play in the grassy areas, men are seen biking, and women walk down the silent streets as they are covered in black from head to toe. I guess the charm comes from the fact that this is still a part of Saudi Arabia, yet it feels so different. The pockets of colors on the windows and doors and the age old trees between nearby buildings brought such warm feelings. Here, the little boys begged to have their picture taken-and I gladly did. It was like a miniature small town where people weed out and about instead of hidden inside the privacy of their own homes.

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  1. What most people view as hole in the wall homes or poverty is usually the most warm heart felt places. Theirs too much rules, but not being allowed properly in the new age section.