Monday, May 13, 2013

Not Allowed

As most people know, Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country ruled by Sharia law. This means that the Muslim holy book, the Qu'ran dictates laws and lifestyles in the kingdom. This applies to Saudi citizens and guests of the country, or expatriate visitors and workers. All are expected to respect Islam, whether one is a Muslim or not. Unlike the United States, other religions are not welcomed or allowed to be practiced publicly. Are there churches or temples here-not at all. Are there makeshift alternate religious meetings held in private homes? Possibly.

Even discussing another religion, can be dangerous. I just came across a newspaper article from the Saudi Gazette about such an event. In the article, an expat discussed Christianity with a Saudi citizen, who then converted to Christianity. This is a big deal here, because converting to another religion is not acceptable or allowed in Islam. The article states that the citizen was "brainwashed" by a fellow Saudi and a Lebanese. They were both sentenced to 2-6 years in jail, as well as "lashes." Could you imagine being in a place where different thoughts are views are not welcomed? Well, that place is here.

Read the exclusive article for yourself here:

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