Saturday, September 29, 2012

Outdoor Market Shopping at Hiraj

I love this place for its local charm and culture. Hiraj is outside of the city and is a shopping market. Most of the shops are outdoors. On our route there, we stopped to meet local camel farmers. I even watched them milk a camel! Hiraj is known in Jeddah by many locals, for having good quality curtain fabric (for a super low price)! It is huge and has everything from furniture to custom made camel saddles!

This man is a local "Sewer." We bought our curtain fabric and he sewed it into curtains in less than one hour!

The outside of the market is outlined with these tiny "air-conditioned" shops. To the very right is the entrance to the furniture section.

As we drove by, we saw so many things for sale here, like: toilets, sinks, tools, shoes, toys and beds.

Well, you can't go to Saudi Arabia without seeing the camels! I was so happy to find these local "camel herders/farmers" on the way to Hiraj. There were even other foreigners who stopped to take pictures. This guy wearing white is actually milking the camel!

This is one of the many couch sections of the market. Looks pretty good for second-hand, right?

See the fresh camel milk? It is in the bowl on the table. The farmer even put some in bag, should one want to buy some to take home.

I am guessing that this is where the farmer lives. But I am not really sure. Hopefully, it is just for his supplies, though.

Two of the guys on the left actually tasted the camel milk. We did not. No thank you!

This part of the market was fun to drive through. Local guys just wait with their trucks and then you pay them to bring home your furniture treasures.

This is a small part of the fabric section.

I don't know why...but it was so much fun walking past all the fabric. 

This is what a camel farm looks like. My daughter was dying from the smell and begged me stop taking pictures so that she could get back in the car! When we got back into the car - we smelled really bad. 

Awww....the sweet camel family! The babies were so cute!

See the frothy camel milk below.....

This is me. I'm having a bad hair day. Well it is 90% humidity here-in September!


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