Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saudi Bathrooms 101

If you are from America, like me-you are used to American bathrooms. The bathrooms in Saudi Arabia are a bit different for several reasons:

1. Public restrooms do not usually have toilet paper-yep, that's right. Unless you go to a more expensive restaurant-those have TP, but only sometimes.
2. Each stall comes equipped with a hose like water sprayer- just use your imagination to figure out what that is for...I will not go into detail....just remember-no TP!
3. Sometimes the stall floors are sopping wet. Why? Remember the Water hose thing....that's why. Unless- you go to a MORE expensive restaurant, where a cleaning person, mops after each person leaves the stall.
4. Some bathrooms have no toilets! Seriously! They have "squatty potty's" instead. Again-use you seat to sit on,but there is a hole in the floor.
5. Some have sign outside, do you know where to go. This sign was in Spanish and Arabic! But the men's sign only came in Spanish....

Lucky for me- toilet paper is sold in all the supermarkets here!

The pictures shown are from a super nice and clean restaurant in Jeddah, called "On the Border." It serves Tex-Mex style food-yum!


  1. "squatty potty's" is most healthy way for public area, where no skin touches could happen with addition it is the most natural way to do it
    for that hose in your point 2, because In islam it is better to completely clean this areas with water

  2. Thanks my dear !
    Thanks Adel ! ... But I prefer my western way of living & my country ! (Greece !)

  3. stay there or dont complain :)