Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jeddah: The Simple Life

Family and friend outings in Saudi Arabia are much different then in other parts of world. Here people have figured out a simple way to relax and enjoy life. They do not ask for much and make the most of what is available to them. Below are the beautiful examples, in photo form, of what some  locals did to enjoy a weekend evening.

In Jeddah, there are many open lots, like the one in this picture. Open areas are the perfect place for locals to entertain themselves. This particular place is across the street from the Corniche beach area. I drove onto the sand and asked Mohamed if I could take his photo. He said "no problem, as long as it is not for the newspaper." So, I snapped some shots of him firing up his grill. 

A few minutes later a few young men drove up to buy a nice cup of fire hot tea. Before I knew it, we had a mini-photo session....right there on the sand.

They dressed me up in the typical daily Saudi head-dress (red and white she mag) and then took a photo of me, as well! They asked for copies of the photo's and then we exchanged phone numbers. My purpose was to capture realistic images of local natives and in the end I made some new acquaintances!

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