Sunday, September 2, 2012

No Sir! - An Experience to Remember!

"Sorry sir we do not have that" or "Sorry sir we can not do that" is something one must get used to if you live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From business side of view I believe it is lack of empowerment or sometimes lack of training. But sometimes these incidents  can make you laugh and are great stories. I'll share two of the great stories.

So one day I decided to visit Papa John for a grand opening. After getting to the register I looked at all the different options they had on the menu. I asked the cashier for a pizza and he replied "sorry sir we do not have that". Well I requested for a pizza with different topic and got the same reply. Then I asked if he can give me pizza with cheese, beef, and jalapeno. This time his reply was, "Sorry sir we can not do that, please select something from the menu". So I asked him if he can just show me what they have to offer. He showed me two different pizzas and I selected one out of the two. I requested for it to be thin crust and not hand tossed. I was surprised when he replied, "Sorry sir we can not do that". His reasoning behind it was that they do not have a way to charge or register thin crust in the register. Then he asked us if we would like anything to drink. I asked for a pepsi, can you guess the response, "Sorry sir we do not have that". Then I asked for 7up and got the same reply. I asked with frustration what do they have. He replied diet pepsi only. Then I asked if he had wings. Surprisingly I heard "YESSSS". But I made the mistake of asking him if he had buffalo sauce. My second mistake was asking him if he had ranch dressing. Well the situation turned from frustrating to extremely hilarious when I gave him cash and he replied, "Sorry sir we do not have change". I could not stop laughing about it for hours. 

Well Andrea did not believe something like that can happen. But not long after her arrival we went to a Chinese restaurant where we were asked if we want a private room or a table. When we decided to go for the private room the greeter at the restaurant told us "Sorry sir we do not have that". 

For those of you who is looking for a video of something crazy like this all I have to say is, "SORRY SIR/MAM I DO NOT HAVE THAT". 

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