Friday, June 8, 2012

All About Abaya's - The Black Cloak Women Wear in Saudi Arabia

So, what are my thoughts on wearing an abaya? Well, I do not think that it is the easiest to shop in or go on an escalator with, or step up from the curb in. Why? Because it is long. Honestly, wearing the black choir robe looking abaya does not really bother me at all. Every woman wears one here. Its just part of the culture. Phillipino's, British, Pakistani and Americans wear them. These are the ladies that I have noticed, do not necessarily wear the head scarf, though. Sometimes I wear the head scarf and sometimes I do not. When I do not wear it (the head scarf), I almost feel like I am being disrespectful to the culture and society. But, when I have not worn it, its just been because I was feeling hot.

So, the abaya comes in many forms and fashions. Today, when our family was at Baskin Robbins and Starbucks, I saw a woman wearing a navy blue abaya with gold trim and a beige head scarf. I also saw a black abaya with a white head scarf and a navy blue abaya with no head scarf. The one that I have is black and buttons up the front. It goes all the way down to my ankles. I have tripped on it twice. This leads me to make the decision that I have to go abaya shopping, in order to prevent any injuries from tripping. I bet you want to see me wearing an abaya, right? Inshallah, you will, as they say here. One day you will!

Below are some of my secret abaya pictures of other women wearing them. The pictures are at Baskin Robbins. This will be my tactic for taking pictures of the culture-just asking my kids to pose. It worked today!

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  1. hahaha im glad you took the abaya issue in a positive way. ive lived in Saudi Arabia all my life and just recently - or now - i took the issue as in - okay, lifestlye.
    but yeah abayas can be in different colors nowadays. mine is brown, beige, and dark torquoise :D
    my sister's is brown pink and grey :D
    i really enjoyed your adventures i felt like, you made me realize that my town is not bad! :D or actuallly good :)
    THANK YOU <3