Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our new Home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

So, we decided on getting an apartment instead of a villa or living in a compound. The main reason-it is more affordable.

Sohail's journey in finding us a home was quite eventful. More than three times, he found a place and went back either later that day, or the next day to give a deposit. and it had been rented out already! I fell in love with each one he chose-however-he had to find something that was available-especially since it was 2 weeks until our arrival date. I was so happy to hear that he successfully got us a place to live.

These are the things that I LOVE about our new home...
1. Tile floors throughout
2. Tile floors and walls in both bathrooms.
3. We have an elevator that takes us right outside of our front door.
4. 3 bedrooms (would have loved 4, but oh well-3 is better than 2)
5. We live on a quiet street.
6. It is well insulated (thanks to the tiles) so we are always nice and cool inside.
7. We have big windows in each room (some apartments here have no windows in the bedrooms and some are super small)
8. We are all here together!