Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pretty Sculptures in Jeddah

These are some things in the median of some of the freeways here. Jeddah is like a drive through museum! These designs of sculptures are so unique. However, beginning in July, some of the sculptures have been removed, in order to transform the roads into freeways.

Wind Pipe Sculpture

The lighted Globe Sculpture


I have no idea what this one is!

Huge Lighted Lanterns - My favorite!

This ship eating place is not finished yet, but until then, I will call it a sculpture!

The Flying Car-pet!

A Religious Sculpture

Crashing Cars!

The Waves - They have shiny tiles that sparkle!

The ship again!

Giant Compass & Protractor

This was built to represent the Planets

White Circles

Praying Hands

This HUGE bicycle sculpture has already been removed

Another White Sculpture

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