Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Red Sea Mall Theme Park!

On the third floor of this huge mall is a kids theme park. It was like a mini-Disney World (minus Mickey mouse). As we entered, we were greeted by kid sized motorized pets. For 10 Riyals (about $2) a guy put the kids on top and pushed the kids around for 5 minutes. They loved it!

Since we had to go grocery shopping, and it was already 11 pm, we let the kids choose 1 ride. They chose the 4-D movie, complete with 3-d glasses and motion seats. We lucked out that all 3 chose the same ride!

Here are some of the rides there:

-roller coaster
-water coaster
-haunted house
-rocking ship
-bumper cars
-mini train
-whale ride
-frog ride
-huge playground
-tons of arcade games
- 4-D motion theater

There is also a cafe and prize store there too.

So, after our 30 minutes here, we went shopping at the Danube grocery store and left at 12:30am. Then, I swung by "The Body Shop" on the way out. I love these late night shopping trips!

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