Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Amazing Cars of Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is called the Paris of the Middle East. Now I know why. Every day, we see Rolls Royce cars, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari's, hummer's, BMW's and Audi's. The car we see the most, and in the strangest colors, is the Porsche.

Here are some of the "cool cars" we were able to capture!

Rolls Royce

Hummer - We have also seen them in neon orange and neon yellow

Vintage Station Wagon


Vintage Limo style Suburban


Although ladies do not drive here - they can still choose the color of their family SUV. It is very common to see pink and purple cars and SUV's here!

Mercedes Benz

Mirror covered Porsche SUV

Neon orange Hummer


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  1. Vintage Limo style Suburban is in front of hyper panda am i right :)