Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being a Woman in Saudi Arabia will be different


This is an amazing article, posted on another blog, that shows the top ten reasons why it is ok to be a woman living in Saudi Arabia.

Three of my favorite things from this article are:

1. If a company employs more than 100 women, then a childcare center must be provided for their children. If less than 100 work there, then a child care stipend or caretaker must be provided. Ok-I don't know of anywhere in the U.S. that offers this perk!

2. Pregnant women have paid maternity leave, beginning 4 weeks before the baby is born. 6 weeks of pay is also provided after labor & delivery.

3. Women have chauffers as personal drivers. Any time a woman needs to go somewhere, she simply calls her driver. I honestly have no problem with this, because I will not have any desire to drive in the motor speedway city of Jeddah. It took me 2 years of living in Houston, before I braved it and started driving here-and I am a white American!

All in all, life will be very different for me, in Saudi Arabia. I am learning that every society will have pro's and con's, but may be completely opposite based on the culture.

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