Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where in the World is Saudi Arabia?

Some of you may be wondering- "Where is Saudi Arabia?" Here is a map of the world, with Saudi Arabia shaded green. Jeddah is the city where our family will be moving to.

To the west of Saudi Arabia is the Red Sea. Jeddah is on the coast line of the Red Sea, and that is where we will be moving to. Look how close Egypt is-possibly we will be able to visit the pyramids for a family vacation. I hope so! Well, as you can see, Iraq is to the North, Sudan and Egypt are to the west, Yemen is to the south, Kuwait is northeast along the Persian Gulf and Qatar and Dubai is on the eastern side of Saudi Arabia.

Here is a closer look at Saudi Arabia:

Ok-I am really getting excited about vacation opportunities now: Germany, Italy, Egypt, oh my!

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