Sunday, October 9, 2011

Places to Eat in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

So, I have lived a short time in Taipei, Taiwan and also Almaty, Kazakhstan. When I was in Taipei, it was KFC, Domino's and Subway that were my comfort foods. I would travel 3o minutes on the subway to find American food. In Kazakhstan, it was McDonald's that made me happy when I missed home. It looks like in Saudi Arabia, I will have many more choices.

This is the Jeddah Mall McDonald's

Pizza Hut TGI Friday's

Baskin Robbins Fudrucker's

Chili's Hardee's

KFC Drive thru at Burger King

Papa John's Pizza

OMG- Starbuck's.....I am so excited! The building above is right across from Sohail's office building.

Ok-I just asked Sohail, "What is a Singles Section?" This is very interesting. Every restaurant has a singles section and a families section. So instead of being asked "Do you want smoking or non-smoking, you will choose either singles or family section. Why? This is to prevent the mingling of women and men. "So, how do unmarried people meet?" I just asked Sohail. He said, "They really don't. It's arranged through the parents." I guess this will make it more "safe" for me and the kids to go to Starbuck's. I will not have to be worried about another man hitting on me or asking me out. That's good for a married woman.

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