Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Job Searching in Saudi Arabia - The land of Sand and Money!

Just three weeks ago, Sohail was flown to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to interview with his prospective employer. He returned back on September 29 after being there for three weeks.He entered the door with a job offer!  I am so happy to have him home for two weeks, as me and the kids were not sure that he would use his return ticket to come back. 

He has been out of work and job searching for seven months, in Houston, TX. We depleted our savings and tax return in July and our financial need for him to work became a matter of "work here" or "work where there is work!" I have no doubt that this is what was supposed to happen in our lives. Especially, since me and our three children, have not yet met our relatives in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, even after ten years of marriage. We are all overjoyed!

Now he will await his work visa and iqama so that he can begin working. Now I have began job searching as well. When all the necessary documents have been processed, we plan to move our family to Jeddah! What an adventure we will have. I have created this blog to document it all! Come and join us!

*update* We have been in Jeddah for almost 4 months now! It is different-yet great at the same time! The paperwork is very time consuming and not done as swiftly as in the US. 


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  2. was the marriage permission proccess easy for u?

    1. I'm not a Saudi so we didn't need a permission from Saudi Government. Wishing you all the best and hope you can come to Saudi soon.