Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quick Videos from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Streets, Schools and Shopping

I found this cute little video of a school program. It is from Talal International School in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. I can imagine Rayesa dancing like this. Oh, how she loves to be on stage performing!

Here is a video that someone took while driving through the university (King Abdul Aziz University). The orange colored buildings is the housing for the teachers there. Hmmmm.....maybe in the future I could be a professor here?

Here is a short video about shopping.

This is Tahlia Street, a fancy shopping area in Jeddah. It has many high end shopping stores such as Burberry, Pierre Cardin and more. The Saudi City Compound is on this street. There are also some schools close to this streeet. It is known as a "posh" area of town. I think I like it! The palm trees will make me feel like I am vacationing in Florida!

This is a supermarket. This one is the Saudi City Compound. A compound is like a gated neighborhood. You can only go there if you live there or are invited.

*update* Now that we are in Jeddah, I have not visited any of the places above! However, I have shopped and rode on Thalia Street. It is very nice, as pictured in the photo's! I went to the GAP, though!

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