Saturday, October 15, 2011

KAUST in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia - A Little Piece of America!

I do have my Master's degree. Possibly working at a University is an option. I have always wanted to eventually teach at the college level, however, I truly enjoy teaching my Kindergarteners! I came across the King Abdullah Univeristy, which is near to Jeddah. After reading the article below, it seems like the most "western" part of Saudi Arabia. Here is that article:

These are some of the perks of working at KAUST
1. All 3 children tuition for schooling will be paid
2. All housing will be paid, and is a stand alone family sized house (so beautiful!)
3. Women can drive inside the gates of the University
4. A Lab school exists on the campus, which houses Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes (I could possibly teach Kindergarten here!)
5. KAUST pays for all the Visa process for the family
6. Airfare is paid for the family
7. Huge parks and family events happen often on campus

Here is a video of the housing:

Here are some other nice blogs from internationals living in Saudi Arabia

*update* I had an interview with this school but was not offered a job. The reason: I was not familiar with and had not taught in the EYP or IB before. Oh, well......

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