Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Lady Searches for a Teaching Job in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I already had an interview, via Skype, several weeks ago. I sat on my bed in a t-shirt and jeans, with no makeup on, and had an interview. What an experience. It felt like a live interview, except for the fact that the kids, all popped up in the video to say "hi" to the HR person that I was speaking with. She said that her children do the same thing! I am glad that it was no big deal!

The name of the school that my interview was with is "My Little House School." Sounds sweet, doesn't it. You can view pictures of it by clicking on this link: It reminds me of Blues Clues for some reason-very colorful and inviting! I think I like it! The website has just a little information on it because website surfing is not the ultimate mode of sharing information, in Saudi Arabia. Word of mouth is more relied upon. Even hearing back from the lady who interviewed me, was not very swift. It was over a few weeks.

I used a service called Synarbor and a rep named Carly Liddel. It was an overseas teaching job placement company, which I was very impressed with. Carly helped me get my answers about price more quickly.

*update* I did not take this job. The school wanted me sooner than I could arrive.


  1. Hi,

    I wold like to know what happened with the school? I had an interview with the they made e an offer and when I was trying to bargain with she, she won't answer my email. How did you feel about them?

    1. Hi Julia. She wanted me right away-and realized after the interview that I could only start working for the beginning of the following school year. She explained that they would have to wait until after January, to see if they had Visa's from the ministry for Americans. I also, never heard back. But now, I am working for a different company that will be opening up a school in the future.